After hours and hours on Dreams, we start to fantasize about a lot of options. I’ve decided to put here what I have in mind: the 10 ideas I dream of every night for Dreams!

Note: The visuals in this article were made by me, they aren’t “official” or affiliated with Media Molecule.

1/ Powerful import of audio files

Improving audio imports is completely in Mm’s workstream… And I am looking forward to that! We should soon be able to integrate our sound creations, voices and sound effects directly into Dreams via indreams!

An option unlockable from a certain level (40), which allows to avoid trolls who post unauthorized sounds!

2/ Radio Dreams

When I’m working, I love listening to some music in the background! Using a mini radio, we could listen to players’ musical creations! And why not integrate podcasts on Dreams as well?

3/ Photographic “High Definition” creations

In order to preserve our little PlayStation 4 and avoid making games terribly slow, Media Molecule has created a “Thermometer” system. We can thus gauge and act accordingly to make a working game.

But sometimes, the thermo makes less sense. For example, when you want to make a still image or an illustration. It would therefore be quite interesting to be able to design certain scenes in “high resolution”.

Conditions? Having a fixed and static camera! And no animation! Turn Dreams into some kind of Photoshop!

4/ 3D export

After 45 hours of character modeling, all you want is one thing: 3D-print it and proudly display it for everyone’s sight in your apartment!

Let’s dream of the possibility of exporting Dreams creations in a 3D tool (Blender, Zbrush …) and then being able to modify and print them!

5/ Motion capture

On PlayStation, we are stars! We have a microphone and even the camera! Why couldn’t we control Dreams puppets by using motion capture video with the PlayStation camera?

Come on, let’s become Benedict Cumberbatch!

6/ Real-time loading

On Dreams, we can remove any item using the destruction tool. But the reverse would be wonderful too, wouldn’t it?

Imagine being able to import any item from the Dreamverse, using a dedicated gadget. This would make it possible to create levels without the slightest loading time, importing each piece of scenery needed as you go! This would make it possible to fight against the thermo and make it almost infinite!

Like the audio import tool, it might be crucial to integrate a minimum level (100?) to use this tool. Bugs can be plentiful.

7/ Multi-player creation

Do you also have a small creative team on Dreams? You may already work on projects with lots of collaborators!

Have you ever wanted to dream together?

Find yourselves in a new scene all together! Of course, it will be necessary to have separate creation areas so you can’t disturb each other! One zone per player but also a common zone to make connections between players!

8/ A mobile application to be a Dreamer in the metro!

Indreams is a powerful companion, you can do countless operations with the convenience of the keyboard!

However, a real mobile application is missing to push its possibilities even further. An increasing productivity tool for me would be, for example, a variable / logic simulator, which could be sent directly into our creations! A huge time saver, right?

9/ An official compilation of Mm Picks on one disc!

It’s wonderful to have access to thousands of games in the Dreamverse. Imagine going to the local Gamestop and stumbling upon “MM Pick Dreams Best Of”: a hundred Dreams games in a bluray!

But that’s not all, you will find bonus like illustrations and making-of documentaries.

10/ Wanted !

One of the greatest strengths of Dreams remains the thousands of assets available created by inventive artists. However it happens sometimes, when looking for example for an ice pyramid, that you just have a “nope” as a result, in the middle of a fully empty screen. What can we do then? Get started with modeling? Ask on social media?

Creating a Wanted wall would be a great creative initiative! How does it work? You drop a desire or a need in the appropriate category. Example: “An Ice Pyramid”

The other Dreamers can then put a “heart” to the most interesting ideas! Sculptors and creatives can then post their creation via a link, available on the Wanted wall! Every 30 days, Wanted files are deleted in order to keep a clean flow!

So where’s my ice pyramid? 😉