Yle_lebonsens is a young Frenchman who stood out with his creation “Psychic Paddle Volleyball” during the GameJam of Dreams on the theme “Imaginary Sport”. I went to ask him a few questions!

Chevalier Bore : Can you introduce yourself ?

Yle_lebonsens : Bonjour, My name is Ely, I am 28 years old. I’m developer in a web agency in Bordeaux. I like sport and video games.

How did you discover “Dreams”?

“Little BIG Planet” was a success signed MediaMolecule

I discovered Dreams because I have been closely involved with Media Molecule since the release of the first Little Big Planet.

I am quite a fan of their work, I was very interested from the start to offer us a creation tool such as Dreams!

Was it easy for you to get into the “Dreams” universe?

Very easy in terms of concept, I immediately adhere to the community dimension of the title. Like everyone, I had a little trouble understanding the tools at the start. The progress curve is quite slow but the satisfaction of creating something by yourself takes over.

What motivated you to make a game on it?

Since childhood, I have always loved creating stories with characters who live their adventures, face monsters, find legendary equipment. Game design is my favorite playground to express my creativity!

Tell us a bit about the genesis of “Psychic Paddle Volleyball”!

The idea to make a game of volleyball came from some of my colleagues who had fun recreating their interpretation of Blobby Volley via game maker. I wanted to show them how simple it would be to do it on Dreams. The fact is that it is not that obvious. I added my personal touch with the Paddle side (the plexiglass cage) for the more nervous side that can bring rebounds and the psyche which is actually a tip for simplify development to avoid the problems of synchronization of animation / position of the character relative to the ball.

Second game of Yle_lebonsens “Psychic Paddle Volleyball”

How much time did you spend creating this game?

The idea of the game of volleyball had grown up in my head as soon as I could play Dreams but it was the gamejam that accelerated things. I thought my idea was a perfect fit for the theme, I made sure to publish a playable version on time. So I will say that I spent 4 weeks between conception and realization. (The last 2 weeks of the jam being much more intense)

The graphics and colors offer a professional rendering.

How did you experience your first place “IMAGINARY SPORTS” game jam?

It was quite special because there was a bug that made all participating games appear as top 1 throughout the jam votes. When the verdict fell, I first believed that the bug was not corrected since I did not expect to have had the first place Then I understood after and it really pleased me to see that it had pleased the community. I felt a sense of pride and I told myself that I hadn’t done all that for nothing after all

Are you 100% satisfied with your game?

Not really ! There are a lot of things missing from the basic idea. I also made sure that my proposal fits well with the jam theme. So I put more effort into the explanations and the presentation than the gameplay. The latter remains very perfectible.

Are you planning new things on Dreams?

I always have lots of unfinished projects on Dreams. I’m planning to do a quidditch-centric game, an adventure game, to finish the level on The Golden Monkey. Pffiou, I would need at least 2 more lives to do everything I had a big break on creation for 1 month, but it should start again soon!

The Golden Monkey an other game create by Yle_lebonsens. A game acclaimed by MediaMolecule !

What do you think are the strengths of Dreams?

1. The community! Both for the asset sharing side and the knowledge sharing side. Fortunately there is a community of enthusiasts about the game, I learned a lot about the game by following tutorials on YouTube. I also find that the community is kind to the creations of the amateurs that we are. We don’t always do exceptional things and yet you can often have nice comments. It is super fun.

2. Simplification in the design of 3D models and logic. I do not have too much experience in the field but I found the tool rather well done so that I could successfully create something!

The Golden Monkey

What about the weak points of Dreams?

Accessibility of controls. When you’re new to moving around in space with the DualShock, it’s something really complicated and I think it can put off more than one. I just tested the moves for the first time quite recently and I have the impression to start all over from 0 on this point The interface of the game and all the elements which relate to the publication / property seem to me to be perfectible. Or at least, there should be more communication around it because it can be very frustrating to start all over again because you haven’t done it right. I know you learn from your mistakes but still, a little more flexibility would not hurt!

What do you think could improve Dreams?

Correcting the elements mentioned in the previous answer and adding a multiplayer mode could significantly improve the experience on the game. Why not add new gadgets in the creation (but here I have the impression of making my list to Santa Claus, I always want more gifts)

Do you have one or more games that you like on Dreams?

I’m thinking of «Deeper» which is a Rogue like in which the dungeon is procedurally generated. The goal is to survive as long as possible while going down the floors. The difficulty is well balanced and increases as you sink into the depths of the game. It is a truly addictive and accomplished creation.

Deeper” from radishlord

One designer or several that you like in Dreams?

I love the creations of slurm_mackenzie, the_burgervan, badrobot, gauffreman, disarmed etc…

Among the people working at Média Molécule, there is of course SteeveBigGuns, JohnBeech and Ed !

TO THE TOP” a creation signed in particular by SlurmMacKenzie and Gauffreman !

What do you think of VR on Dreams?

VR fits so well with the spirit of Dreams. If there’s one game that can take this technology to the next level, it’s Dreams. And at the same time, VR can put a big spotlight on the game. I can’t wait to see how it goes. I even think that we can cross the border of video games thanks to this tool. I am thinking in particular of a report where I saw therapist-developers who created games to cure the phobias of their patients (fear of flying, dizziness …). It would be really beautiful if Dreams could also be a tool allowing to make advances in medicine, in the field of research or other but hey, I dream a little without doubt!

And if not, what are your “Dreams” in life?

Let me think … I have a dream, it would be for everyone to live in a better and fairer world! A bit utopian and innocent, but that would be it in fact!

Psychic Paddle Volleyball

A big thank you to Yle_lebonsens for taking part in the game of questions and answers. I hope you will like this new section!

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