On the occasion of MPY Award event’s announcement, Media Molecule gave details about its roadmap in the coming months : From December 9th, the game will no longer be available for purchase through the Early Access program.

The team collected many suggestions from players, and will now focus on finalizing the retail game. Bug fixes, new features… The team will particularly focus on improving the editor with DualShock 4, and adding new tutorials.

We can assume that the development team now seems determined to quickly finalise a market-ready game. And some promised additionnal-features should probably be added later, through updates. (Virtual Reality, Multiplayer …)

If you have already purchased the early access, no problem : You can continue to play beyond this deadline, create and share your wildest dreams. And you’ll get a free dematerialized copy of the final version, when it is released !

Now that early access is coming to an end, we can hope to have a definitive release date for the final game very soon. 🙂