Hello everyone and welcome to the first translated edition of the InfiniDreams Spotlights!

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The team selection

The Golden Monkey by Yle_lebonsens

Let me present to you the first dream of the selection, this little adventure game (WIP)! In this creation, you play a monkey named Caesar. Thanks to your magic sceptre, you will be able to control the 4 elements to progress in the level. You’ll need to find the 4 runes (that of water, air, earth and fire) to unlock new special abilities and try to get into the mysterious sacred temple

Rainbow Coast by Digitalthing

This fantastic creator is known for their dark cartoon-y (such as Winter Walk or Trick r Treat, very Tim Burtony!), and yet, she released this little unicorned platformer! The gameplay is quite classic but the whole thing is very clean, there’s nothing wrong! Collect all the golden coins and the stars but be careful: there are little monsters on your way!

Fighting star by viinssouille

The third dream of this spotlight is a space shooter! Fighting Stars is classic and so addictive, I really liked it! The logic seems very good, it’s very smooth and very easy to handle! I am not a big fan of space shooters, but I must admit that I had fun on that one! Jump in and destroy everything around you!

WORLDS | Level 1 by Godman250

Okay, you know what, on this one, I want all of you to just play this dream, give the creator a thumbs up and leave a comment to let him know that we want MORE OF IT! This is mainly exploration on an alien planet for the moment but this is very good job and I am pretty sure that with a lot of support, Godman250 could go so much further. I mean this is so promising, and he said that he wasn’t sure to continue because it took him a lot a time (and it shows!) but that he would if we were enough to ask. So let’s give him a lot of support to encourage him!

PG – Degeneration EP [FULL] by PGray_Official

This is the artistic dream of the month! I will always blur the pictures since they’re mainly visual art, I want you to be curious, inflate their stats and support these creators! :p I’m having the honour to present this creation featuring 3 of the musics composed by that creator. Well… I was gaping the whole time… I swear, this doesn’t look like Dreams at all, the skin texture of this alien is incredibly detailed, it’s impressive. To me, this creator is one of the best in this area, he really is a reference in the field of realistic scenes. You can see PGray has a sharp eye and ear, just look at Gramophone or any of his creations. I really invite you to check that out, it’s astounding! 

+ Fox and the Sound by Tango_Wild

Well, this is the second artistic dream of the month! Usually, I only select 5 dreams for our Spotlights including one visual piece of art, but between the amazing alien by PGray and this little musical scene that is so good to listen in these autumnal times, I had no choice but to present them both to you! In a very clean and realistic style, the creator of this scene shares with us CU Soon performed by spiYdrz! So don’t hesitate one second to check that out after a long and tiring day of work, you will be so relaxed! 

This selection has come to an end! I hope you will enjoy it once you’ll play these games, feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

Since this is our first English edition, please feel free to report any mistakes, I will proceed the modifications so we improve our translations! 🙂

Thank you for reading, see you very soon for the 7th selection!