Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the 7th edition of the InfiniDreams Spotlights!

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The team selection

Christmas Choas by superice3000

You may have notice (or not at all) that there hasn’t been any spotlight for Christmas last month because of my schedule. To get it right, let’s open the selection with this winter level recommended by mouflarr56! You play an elf of Santa Claus and while you need to throw the gifts in the sack, an ice troll keeps sending you raptors to destroy your sack and your sleigh! One thing: IT’S SUPER HARD. The idea is very simple but to win, you will have to spend some time, you need to get how the logic works and practise aiming. But it is still pretty good, it works and has very lovely animation!


In ROOT, you play a nature being and need to go on your quest to the East of an enchanted forest. You have a sceptre to fight and heal if slimes attacked you. The fights as well as your adversaries, remains quite classic, I would have like something else given this original universe and the work accomplished on the characters but that is not the gameplay that made me stay. This Dreams is rather impressive regarding the optimization: a lot of paintings and still the game doesn’t slow down. On top of that, the whole thing is absolutely charming, do not hesitate to get it this magical journey!

AC-130 by dakrrs35

Modern Warfare fans will love it, you couldn’t imagine for one second that you are playing Dreams. The objective of your mission: from an aircraft, protect a ground unit while they download very important enemy intel (for around 10 minutes). You have three weapons at your disposal and will have to anticipate the movements of the adverse troops to protect the perimeter. Careful! If you inflict a single damage to the main building, you will lose the game and will have to restart. Bon courage!

Sad. by swishersweet9021

Of course, you should never live for the sake of the others only. But making the world a better place wouldn’t it make yourself better? You arrive in a morose and violent city in which everyone is abandoned. You cannot fix everything, obviously, but you need to do your best to help others to get better a little. A bit of altruism do good to everyone, go and try!

⭐Fred & Lucy⭐ – Episode 1 by GODSMACK-NL

This is the first short film I present as the audiovisual choice of the InfiniDreams Spotlights! But this is above all the first episode of Fred & Lucy that would be the beginning of a comedy series in Dreams. A feeble success compared to the other creations of the Twin-Brother Production to whom we convey our congratulations and support for what is coming next! If you missed that, go have a look!

This selection has come to an end! I hope you will enjoy it once you’ll play these games, feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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Thank you for reading, see you very soon for the 8th selection!