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And here’s a new episode of “We can do That ” !
The limits of Dreams seems endless. Here is a new small selection of beautiful objects identified on Dreams!

Round 1 here!
Round 2 here!

Mortal Sculpture

TwinJojis (Twitter : @TwinJojis)

The talented TwinJojis is arguably a huge fan of Mortal Kombat (and volleyball player Jamie Robbins); and to our delight, he offers us wonderful tributes to his personal inspirations.

Those characters are truly stunning, especially when you know Dreams. A precise and realistic work, multiplying details! A must see !

Japanese touch

flatshi_0822 (Twitter : @flatshi_0822)

Japanese creators on Dreams are under-highlighted, but flat 氏 makes us travel in the Rising Sun’s “manga” universe.
Renderring quality is incredible, with refreshing graphics!

Toad? are you here ?

Cobra e-Créa (Twitter : @henrion_jerome )

An organic universe full of mushrooms, by Cobra e-Créa. If you need mushrooms in your creations, he will be your supplier!

The quiet force

3kycat (Twitter : @3kycat )

3kycat is currently working on the reproduction of the Jedi Council in Coruscant!
The result isn’t lacking of “Strength”! Really can’t wait to see it finished!

Like sweet candy

g0tstyle (Twitter : @g0tstyle )

The sweet creations of g0tstyle put honey in our hearts!
Remarkable sense of detail and texture! All of his little creatures deserve it own game!


Loguardsoule (Twitter : @Loguardsoule)

I feel like I’m facing the arts of a triple A game. A real atmosphere, designed with proper use of lights, smokes and camera angles!

My valiant knight!

MrHCow (Twitter : @MrHCow)

I am a big fan of armor (yeah, my nickname is “Chevalier Bore”) and our friend Mr Cow offers us superb creations around the medieval era.

Night walk

shandyboy1975 (Twitter : @shandyboy1975)

The against the light universe of Shandyboy1975 is a pearl for our little eyes. Personally, I can’t wait to play this game! And you ?

Landscapes & lights

SZ738 (Twitter : @SZ738)

SZ738 plunges us into a cinematographic universe … We can imagine stories, characters who roam in these places … I take my cinema ticket, ready to travel!

This was my third overview of the bluffing “Dreams” creations. Hope you enjoyed the trip!

See you soon, dreamy adventurers!