Dreams is soon celebrating its first year and even comes on Sony’s new monster: The PS5! To sum up Dreams to a sandbox would be too restricted for me, many creatives managing to infuse their own artistic touch!

In addition to the monthly Spotlights, I will make you discover some MADE IN DREAMS creations, which made me take a double look at whether it was indeed published on the MediaMolecule game!

Le Baguette & Le Fromage

Julio (Twitter : @julio_grr )

As a Frenchman, I felt compelled to start with a cheese board.

Heavenly Castle

Chris_Redwalker6 (Twitter : @CRedwalker6lbp )

Depaysement assured with the creations of Chris!
You can find this dream here:

Draw me like one of your french Tigers

NIVI (Twitter : @NIVI73376632 )

Considering the difficulty that the drawing on Dreams requires, one can only admire this Tiger.

Distant Horizon

YSledbetter10 (Twitter : @YLedbetter10 )

Impossible for me not to talk about the incredible optical illusion of YSledbetter10! As a bonus, some “Behind the Scene” images!

For a few pixels less

Genesis8012 ( Twitter : @Genesis8012 )

Pixel art is possible on Dreams! Do you want to see this? It’s high time to go play CYBER TRIGGER : https://indreams.me/dream/mYqsyBvfhsH

Ready for the concert!

Cody (Twitter : @cgCodyPS4 )

Clean and elegant … Just like a violin!

The Dreaming Turtle Hermit

Cremio_ (Twitter : @Cremio_ )

Are turtles slow? They have the quiet strength on Dreams under the paw of Cremio_

A gallery of Portraits!

DG (Twitter : @heyitsmedg )

I warmly invite you to discover the work of @heyitsmedg! This is just a sample from his amazing portrait gallery!


FabrizioA19 (Twitter : @FabrizioA19 )

Very beautiful character to discover on this dream : https://indreams.me/dream/mdNKPsuvnGM

The Unmissable

Martin Nebelong ( Twitter : @MartinNebelong )

I couldn’t not finish without our “Limit Repeller” Martin, who shows us almost every day the enormous potential of Dreams!

I hope you enjoyed this overview! We meet soon for new “Dreams” adventures.