During this Christmas break, Santa Claus is not the only one who needs to get ready. You probably already put your Christmas sock above your hearth (or heater) or even decorated your Christmas tree with a bunch of decorations.

However, you have forgotten something: adorning the Dreamiverse! Do not let your imp on his own for Christmas.

The InfiniDreams’ team have just found a magnificent fir tree. Get in our Christmas tree relay and be a part of this familial and happy creation experience! When comes your go, hang your decoration to the tree: it can be bulb, tinsel, angel, figurine (as a gingerbread man or snowman for example), etc. Just create anything that can be on a Christmas tree!

How does it work?

Each participant needs to reserve the tree before adding their decoration, you just need to leave a message in the channel #christmas-tree-relay.

The first member who will launch the relay will need to get the Christmas tree right here and remix it!

You will all have 2 hours to leave your decoration: do not reserve the tree if you’re not completely available! Passed this delay, another member will be able to reserve it.

When you’re done, publish the tree as remixable, then post the indreams.me link of your creation in the channel (you also can post a picture if you want)!

The next member will then be able to reserve the Christmas tree, remix your remix and so on and so forth!


  • You can participate until the 24th of December!
  • One decoration per member only.
  • Do not delete anything at all!
  • The excessive reservation of the tree is forbidden.
  • Think about others: do not take all the space, on the fir as well as in the thermo!
  • You need to have your settings set on “Visible on indreams.me” in order to partipate properly.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, let the relay begin!