Two new tracks have been added to Slideout 3019 game! Players who get to the top of their leaderboards will win unpriced drawings from Kareem, from MediaMolecule! Terms of participation are in this article.

After several months of long preparation, 3 liters of grey matter, 5000 microchips and 300 tons of paints, we are finally ready reveal our very first contest of the “Challenge” section of InfiniDreams, dedicated to Super-Play contests. This is time to put your creative mind aside to wake up the player in you and unwind in two futuristic races imagined by gauffreman: Nuclear Sunset Complex and Moon Terminal Speedway!


Finish the track(s) as fast as possible and try to beat the lap records.
In order to try to smash the record in SlidEout 3019, go here:

When will the contest take place ?

From April 30 to the 9th of May (23h59 UTC+1) No additional time! We need to be fair!

What are the prizes?

The fastest player will win one of the 2 pieces of art made by Kareem, art director at MediaMolecule.

We sincerely would like to thank Media Molecule for what they did to help us! :cœur:

How to enter?

  • You must read the Discord rules first, and select the English and/or French flag. Then go to the #challenge-slideout-3019 channel (under Dreams Events).
  • To submit your entry, post your best time and PSN ID in the channel of the corresponding circuit : #circuit-sunset or #circuit-moon (or both!). Don’t worry, you can obviously improve your score as much as you want until the end of the event.
  • Important: if you obtain first place on a specific track until the end of the contest, video proof will be required. Don’t forget to save your gameplay on your PS4 just in case, via the Share button!
  • You can stay in the Discord and present yourself to our community. Thank you! :cœur: Do not hesitate to participate in the other sections as well. :visage_légèrement_souriant:

Good luck everyone!

More info in our Discord:

SlidEout? What’s that?

SlidEout is a game designed in Dreams by gauffreman, the web-designer of the InfiniDreams team. As you guessed, gauffreman was inspired by the WipEout videogame licence. He and his work have been very successful these recent months. In this level, you have to drive a futuristic spaceship in narrow circuits with tons of obstacles and turns.