Quietly but surely, InfiniDreams continues to evolve, gradually adapting to future developments that await us, in the next few months. 🙂 Here is a small summary :

  • Our bigest improvement : we’re gradually preparing our opening for the English-speaking international public. The team had that motivation since the first day of InfiniDreams project, and we want to make this a reality. You may have noticed it : a new language selection tab has appeared in the header. Our server Discord will gradually adapt his categories to accommodate everyone, french and english peoples. Furthermore, all future articles about News, Spotlights and Gamejams will now be translated into both languages. The goal is to reach a perfect symmetric content between French and International versions of the website.
  • We have temporaly disabled access to our community forum. To prepare its return, stronger than ever. A new, clearer layout will be created, and a new forum for English speakers is also on the launching ramp. More information in a few months !
  • To give us a big publicity, this coming-soon opening to English-speaking will be accompanied by a very special event, in the next weeks. (Hint : Created by the father of a famous space-opera game, and another game with futuristic racing vehicles.)
  • To accomodate this opening to English-Peoples, we’ll probably need an English speaking staff in the next months. Stay tuned for more news ! 🙂
  • Some little updates in our header : please click on Playlist to reach our in-game profile, with playlists, official logo, and more stuff yet to come !
  • The creation of MyDreams, our future social Pinterest-Like social network dedicated to Dreams, is still on its way. The design is now finalized, and we now have a stable structure that will allow us to move faster in the coming months. We hope an opening in the first quarter of 2020.

To follow more closely all these developments, join us on our server Discord (French only for now, but english categories will appear soon) : https://discord.gg/c48KtQM

Stay tuned for more news in the next weeks ! 🙂